Sometimes there is a kitchen gadget I’m just so in love with, I can’t not sing its praises. So, what have I got around my kitchen…?

Nordicware Mini Scone Pan
Mini scone pan, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways… I love making my own scones, but I’ve always been dissatisfied with irregular “drop” scones or the technique some recommend, forming the dough in to a circle and cutting the circle in to triangles prior to baking. With the acquisition of this non-stick pan, I can make 16 perfect mini scones that fall obligingly out of the pan every single time. Preferably King Arthur Cream Tea Scones.

Bialetti Musa Stainless Steel Stovetop Espresso Maker
For the duration of my college years, I had the Bialetti Moka aluminum stovetop espresso maker, the retro, octagonal model. It worked okay, but I could never get the aluminum as clean as I liked it and I knew that aluminum could also cause health problems down the road. Eventually, the bottom part scaled over and no amount of descaler or patience could clean it up. So I used a gift card from my grammy and acquired a new, stainless steel Bialetti Musa, which is sleeker-looking and also easier to clean and safer for consumption. It took a few attempts to learn all of its tricks, but now I have mastered it. I am the only espresso-drinker in the house, but what I don’t drink I let get stone cold and then add to Jim’s homemade iced coffee (which is just leftover drip coffee stored in the back of the fridge in a pitcher). He says it is just as good as store-bought!


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