We like to try lots of new-to-us restaurants, as well as well-beloved staples, and sometimes we don’t always remember what we ordered or whether we liked it. Or we go somewhere so great we just have to rave. So, here we are, keeping track of our dinners out…Mostly Boston area/South Shore, but sometimes we travel.

Beginning in February 2009, we will also blog, on occasion, about recipes we’re trying “@home.” Especially with the economic recession and my working from home now, we’re trying lots of new recipes. I really do love to play around in the kitchen, but when I was working in the office all day I’d be so tired when I came home that I just curled up on the couch and gave out. Now I work from home and I have time throughout the day to do prep work, planning, or other chores that used to take up my precious after-work time.


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