Lexia wine is a muscat-like sweet wine from Australia. The tasting notes for the Lexia are “A delicious white wine with fragrant apricot, orange blossom and lilac aromas and round, pleasingly sweet, mango and melon flavors balanced by a crisp, refreshing finish.”

I never thought we’d find one, but we’ve come across a self-described sweet wine that even Jim doesn’t like. The mango-like sweetness is very strong, but the finish is not all that complex — the flavor just sort of cuts off at the end of the taste, which is what I find disappointing. This could also be contributing to Jim’s impression that the wine is “too” sweet, since there are no underlying, complex flavors in the flavor profile. Except maybe a little chemical twinge at the very end of the sweetness. I don’t mind trying it, and I don’t even think I would mind it occasionally if paired with food, particularly spicy Asian and Indian cuisine, but it definitely isn’t going to be our regular, every-day, house wine.