The Fractured Prune
127th & Coastal Highway
Ocean City MD

You’d never think that someplace called “The Fractured Prune” is practically a gourmet doughnut shop, but it is. Discovered via FoodNetwork and Meghan, The Fractured Prune is an Ocean City-based chain doughnut shop in Maryland, Delaware, Florida, Mississippi, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia (a list of their exact locations can be found on the website). Their specialty is hot, hand-dipped, made-to-order, made-your-way doughnuts.

Doughnuts at The Fractured Prune can be customized with glazes, toppings, and sugars.

Glazes come in 15 flavors: honey, banana, chocolate, maple, cherry, strawberry, lemon, raspberry, orange, peanut butter, blueberry, mocha, mixed berry, mint, and caramel.

There are 7 toppings: rainbow sprinkles, chocolate jimmies, coconut, peanuts, Oreo cookie, mini chocolate chips, and graham cracker crumbs.

And there are 3 sugars: powdered sugar, granulated sugar, and cinnamon sugar.

Are you overwhelmed yet? Don’t be. The Fractured Prune also has a menu of pre-selected combinations, like “Banana Nut Bread” (banana glaze, cinnamon sugar, and peanuts), “Strawberry Shortcake” (strawberry glaze, graham cracker crumbs, and powdered sugar), and “Black Forest” (raspberry glaze, coconut, and mini chocolate chips). Ordering off this specialty menu is a good way to get familiar with Fractured Prune doughnuts, and you can customize or expand from there. I, for instance, ordered Banana Nut Bread without the peanuts, which was just a doughnut with banana glaze and cinnamon sugar. I could have added coconut or mini chocolate chips instead. Because they’re made and dipped to order, you can ask for any combination of glaze, topping, and sugar that tickles your fancy. During our vacation we sampled the Morning Buzz, Reese’s Cup, Plain Jane, Peppermint Patty, French Toast, Banana Nut Bread (minus the nuts), and Myrna Medley.

Because the doughnuts are hot, the glazes and toppings melt right in to the doughnut and the doughnut itself melts in your month. The base flavor of the doughnut is not overly sweet, as I discovered when I sampled the Plain Jane. This is a good thing, or else the fully-loaded doughnut would be too sweet to eat. The only downside to the hot doughnut is that when all the flavors do melt together, it is difficult to savor each of the flavors individually: the French Toast is not maple glaze and cinnamon sugar as two separate tastes and textures, it is one melty mapley cinnamony sweet concoction. And unfortunately, when the doughnut starts to cool, as it inevitably will, the melted sugar-and-glaze combination starts to harden in to a candy shell.

If you’re near a Fractured Prune and the doughnut mood strikes, stop in and give them a try. I’m already making a list in my head of which ones I want to try the next time I’m in Ocean City. But I’m not going to drive 8-10 hours to OC just for a hot, hand-dipped, homemade doughnut. It’ll be the whole OC package that brings me back, of which the Fractured Prune is only part of the treat.


Two Morning Buzzes, a Reese’s Cup, and a Plain Jane.


Early Saturday morning.

photos by Rachel