Really, it’s just a tomato with the top lopped off, hollowed out, rinsed, and filled with chicken salad, but I had to give it a pseudo-fancy name to make it sound more exciting.

I used a very large tomato, and even though it held only a couple spoonfuls of store-bought deli chicken salad, it was a very, very filling lunch. It was also a bit of a pain to figure out how to eat: Should I eat the chicken salad first and then the tomato? If so, that sort of defeats the point of putting the chicken salad in the tomato in the first place. Cutting the stuffed tomato in to halves, then quarters, then eighths was a little bit of work, but I decided to go that way. I still have very large tomatoes in the fridge, so I think I’ll make the next one with the tomato hollowed out, then cut in to fourths, then with the chicken salad dropped on to each fourth.


photo by Rachel