Meghan made these melty chocolaty treats for the premiere of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, and I fell in love with the soft chocolate, chewy marshmallows, and crumbled digestive biscuits with a little bit of crunch. I’m not sure which of Nigella’s books this recipe is in, but it can be found here at her website.

I melted this mixture at a very, very, very low temperature to keep the butter and chocolate from burning while my attention was on smashing up some caramel-filled digestive biscuits. I wasn’t thrilled with the way they broke down, so next time I’ll use either plain biscuits, which I won’t have to buy especially since I always have a stash in the pantry, or Rich Tea biscuits as Nigella suggests. The caramel is a nice treat though. She calls for roughly an 8 x 8 pan, but I have a 9 x 9 silicon pan that I used that worked fine, so maybe the bars are a bit less thick than she intended but they look even more delightfully rocky than if they were thicker. I didn’t sift confectioner’s sugar over the lot because frankly, even using 70% dark chocolate, these are sweet enough as-is. Definitely invest in the tin of golden syrup, which if you live in the Northeast should be easy enough to find in the Irish foods section of the nearest grocery.