Deli Bob’s
Thames Street
Newport, RI

Cheese pizza
Turkey Cuban sandwich
ham, turkey, Cuban dressing, chopped dill pickle 


I am pretty sure the cheese pizza was made to order, either that or they had to go hunt the turkey for my Turkey Cuban, because it sure took a while for our food at this slightly-off-the-main-path Newport deli to be ready. The counter staff (two teenaged or early twenty-something girls) even had to ask him if he’d gotten his food yet. While he was inside waiting for our orders, I was outside staking a table on the deli’s breezy front porch and watching the foot traffic. One thing I learned about Newporters is that they aren’t too terribly charitable. Every single person who went past seemed to be in a foul mood.

The food, once it came, was surprisingly to die for. My small Cuban was just enough protein and bread for a filling lunch before a walk on the cliffs, but not so filling that I felt weighted down. The cheese pizza was piping hot, thin-crusted, with a bubbly cheese mixture. The thin crust was not overcooked, so the thin edges didn’t burn but were still soft on the inside with a little bit of crunch on the crust. This is another indicator that makes me think the pizza was freshly cooked, it hadn’t had time to become overcooked.

If you’re in Newport and need a small, inexpensive place to eat with a good selection of sandwiches, salads, pizzas, and ice cream, Deli Bob’s is not a bad place to drop in; just watch out for the locals.