Tim Horton’s
Augusta, ME

Canadian Maple donut
Coffee, hot
Coffee, iced

I feel that over two days, the team at Tim Horton’s never figured out what “and sugar” meant. “Medium hot coffee with cream and sugar,” I’d say. And the cup of coffee they gave me had cream, but seemed to contain no sugar. It was annoying, and I was able to live with it, but Jim couldn’t. He even asked for “extra cream, extra sugar” just like he does at the Dunkins here at home. He had to go sugar up his iced coffee in order to not offend his palate.

The donuts were small-ish, which I think was good, because they did pack taste and had they been larger, they might have been “too much.” Sometimes I just get in a headspace where I WANT MAPLE, so the Canadian Maple donut spoke to me behind the glass case and I had to give it a try. I was nibbling along Saturday morning when I got halfway through and realized that not only does it have a buttery European-pastry texture, it has yellow custard in the middle like a traditional Boston Creme donut. Maple frosting plus buttery texture plus custard interior is like nothing could be better on this earth.

Tim Horton’s lost points on the coffee but gets big points for a surprising donut with great texture and flavor. So nice I had the same breakfast two days in a row.