Fill a burrito-sized tortilla wrap with rice & beans, and bake in a 350-degree oven for about 20 minutes (at 16 minutes, the edges of one burrito were turning decidedly golden and I pulled them out before the 20-minute mark).

Well, I decided to try something new inspired by Janice. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a huge hit in my house, at least not with me. I think I need to tweak the flavors in the rice & beans recipe, and use fresher tortillas. But with sour cream Jim definitely thought they turned out better than he’d expected, and I’ll admit that I was expecting something much less easy-to-eat, i.e. messier. Jim is definitely willing to give this economic entree another try.

I’m also wondering about what add-ins I could use, like maybe rice and leftover pulled BBQ pork, or thinly-sliced steak, or marinated chicken.