Braintree, MA

Green Bean Fries
California Turkey Burger
with sweet potato fries
Friday’s Cheeseburger
Wild Cherry Julep
bourbon, seltzer, mint leaves, and pomegranate juice over ice


A basic dinner after a full afternoon of craft shopping. Green bean fries are a must for us, and kept me, at least, from attacking something (or someone) in my advanced state of hunger.

Feeling particularly inimical toward Ben Franklin’s first choice for the national bird, Meghan ordered a turkey burger; not wanting to copycat but needing something weighty and meaty, I went with a basic cheeseburger. Meghan should have remembered to order hers without onions, but at least she remembered to substitute her regular fries for sweet potato fries, which I thought had a great texture and subtle-but-sweet flavor. Baked sweet potatoes are usually served with butter and cinnamon to play up the natural flavors, but sweet potato fries lack those two seasonings and therefore are well-suited to ketchup, surprisingly. The turkey burger is perhaps as excellent as the Abington Ale House turkey burger that I had back in May, so I’m excited to try it on our next trip (maybe).

Cheeseburger was well-cooked, had good texture, was cheesy but not too cheesy, and responded well to ketchup. My fries were not as good as Meghan’s sweet potato fries, so I am ranking TGIFriday’s fries in this order:

green bean fries
sweet potato fries
regular fries

If I could substitute green bean fries and their addicting cucumber wasabi Ranch dip for regular fries with a burger, it would be a meal made in heaven, but chances are they wouldn’t let me. Always, veggie-crisp on the inside with lightly-breaded crisp on the outside. Next, sweet potato fries, for their excellent texture and subtly different flavor. Lastly, regular ol’ fries, a comforting staple and more a vehicle for ketchup than strictly virtuous in their own right — which sometimes is just what I need, a vehicle for my condiment of choice. Sweet potato fries are more chosen for themselves in their own right, and don’t need ketchup or mayo or malt vinegar to give them character. Just like a baked sweet potato is heavenly in and of itself, but if you are looking for sour cream and chives, you’re better off with a classic Idaho or Maine spud. And red potatoes are best lightly dressed in as a side dish. Potato choice is all a product of the mood you’re in at the time.

The Wild Cherry Julep was an impulse, a photo of iced candy-pink happiness greeting us at the table. We both immediately gave in. A light dash of pomegranate really does have a cherry flavor, which threw me off. But it was refreshing and different, and next time I’ll go back to my usual Blue Moons.

We’re two points away from our first Give Me More Stripes reward. Should have ordered a second round of drinks!