My Goodness, my Guinness!

Guinness cupcakes, that is.

Though the recipe itself came from Big City, Little Kitchen, the original inspiration came from Nigella, when back in March she showcased her Chocolate Guinness Cake on her homepage. Meghan was going to make Guinness cupcakes for our Twilight on Blu-Ray debut party, but then BANSHEE went and sat on the cakes when her momma’s back was turned. So she wound up making so-called Edward Pie, but that’s getting me off track.











photo by Rachel

The recipe from Big City Little Kitchen makes an enormous batch. I think I could have gotten 24 full-size cupcakes out of it. As it was, I got 12 full-size cupcakes, had a ton of leftover batter, and decided to make mini Guinness cupcakes as an experiment. The mini cupcakes baked as much less time than the full-size cupcakes as it took me to fill about 16 of the wells in the mini cupcake pan. There was an equally ridiculous amount of frosting, but maybe if I had made 24 regular cupcakes, I wouldn’t have had so much leftover — a zip-top snack baggie full, now in my refrigerator door, and no idea what to do with it. Not that leftover icing is ever a bad thing!

Even Jim, who doesn’t like dark chocolate or Guinness, thinks these cupcakes aren’t that bad. A few mini Guinness cupcakes with coffee is rich and delicious, but not tooth-numbingly sweet, as a breakfast treat.











photo by Rachel

Says one commenter on Big City, Little Kitchen: “Try making these with Bailey’s liqueur-enhanced cream cheese icing and you’ve got a Irish Car Bomb cupcakes. Yummy!” I think that next time, that might be just what I do.