Grilled cheese sandwiches are a staple in our house because they taste good, they go together quickly, and we always have all the ingredients on hand. DH prefers his bread soft, I prefer mine crispy and a little browned. We’ve been trying to perfect our grilled cheese for about three years now, tinkering with the bread, the number of cheese slices, the method of grilling or toasting the sandwich, and even condiments and sauces.

We’re in agreement that toasting plain slices of bread in the toaster prior to buttering and pan-toasting is key to keeping the texture of the bread; otherwise between the cheese and butter it gets too soggy, and it tends to lose its shape. We’ve also concluded that DH likes 3 thin slices of cheese in his sandwich, and I like 2. The trick to “grilling” the sandwich, DH found, is to put one slice of bread down, the cheese, and then cover the skillet with a lid, and don’t touch it until you can’t hear the butter popping anymore. Then the other slice of bread goes down, the sandwich gets flipped, and the lid goes down again. If you don’t put a lid on the skillet to keep some heat in, the middle of the 3 cheese slices won’t melt all the way.

My favourite condiment so far is barbeque sauce, and lately DH has been taking his with a small puddle of steak sauce (I haven’t quite been won over to this new “taste sensation”).

However, we may have stumbled on an even better flavor combination today when DH came home for lunch. Remember when we bought the Red Robin brand seasoning back in March? I’ve been thinking to myself, “The next time we make hamburgers, I’ll add some RR seasoning to the mix; or the next time we grill chicken, we’ll add a little RR seasoning.” Burgers, chicken, take a step back — make way for the grilled cheese.

We learned last night when we experimented with some buttery mashed potatoes that it doesn’t take a lot to make an impression; too much is too strong and too salty. I didn’t see exactly what DH did to the grilled cheese, but I suspect that the barest of pinches was used to season the buttered side of the toast before it went down in the pan. The resulting flavor wasn’t overly strong, but the slightly salty, slightly savoury result was a good foil for the creamy, melted cheese.

Hellooo, new favourite grilled cheese.