Mr. Chan’s
East Milton Square
Milton MA

large Egg Rolls 
one pint Hot & Sour soup
Appetizer A
Boneless spareribs, chicken fingers, beef teriyaki
General Gau’s Chicken
Crispy chunks of chicken sauteed with our master chef’s special spicy sauce
House lo mein
with chicken, shrimp, and pork 


I wish that “large” egg rolls meant “more than two.” If I were a restaurant I would assume that the majority of my patrons are either singles (who would like leftovers) or couples (which contain two people), and in either case two egg rolls would be necessary. If the two of us wanted more than one egg roll each, e.g. as a leftover, we would need to order two large orders of egg rolls, and this seems excessive. But the egg rolls, no matter how many come in a “small” or “large” order, are well-made and fried evenly but not soggy with oil.

The hot & sour soup is DH’s treat, and while he was not impressed with it at first, he says it has improved over time as a leftover and it actually wound up quite tasty. I don’t know what sort of soup needs to be aged that much beyond when it was first served, it seems to me that if the soup needed to rest to let the flavours mature, this would have been done before it was served at the restaurant.

Last time we visited Mr. Chan’s we ordered Appetizer C, because we thought the “pork strips” would be the barbeque-flavoured strips DH likes so much in pu pu platters; they weren’t, they were just medallion-sized slices of plain pork. Appetizer A contains “boneless spareribs,” which is exactly what DH wanted.

The General Gau’s chicken that was divine last time we visited Mr. Chan’s completely put me off this time and I am sad to say it. I found two small pieces of cartilage in two pieces of chicken right away; DH found one the next day, a larger piece, while reheating leftovers. After the first incident I avoided the chicken because I was not willing to chance a repeat incident, but DH soldiered on.

I felt like the quality of this visit was starkly inconsistent against the quality of our last visit. Maybe the kitchen was strapped for manpower; maybe it was an off day for everybody; I’m not sure. But the next time we decide to get Chinese take-out, I might be tempted to go somewhere else just for a little break.