Beachside Johnny’s
Quincy Shore Drive
Quincy MA

Half-and-half onion rings and fries

I usually don’t blog when we’ve only been somewhere for a quick snack. However, I am going to blog this evening’s stop at Beachside Johnny’s. Two summers ago this beachfront shack changed owners, and in the process the menu expanded. The menu at Beachside Johnny’s is huge — one extremely large whiteboard covered in tiny writing, plus various posted menu signs across the walk-in restaurant front — burgers, chicken, pizza, chili, Italian sausages, hot dogs, corn dogs, and countless types of ice cream and slushes… Hubby and I usually go for a lunch treat during the summer, and we usually get roast beef sandwiches (delicious delicious). Tonight we just needed a late snack, a little nibble, so we decided to get a bottle of water and a plate of fries. DH asked the owner/chef if he could do half fries and half onion rings. Apparently, in about two years of operation, no one had ever asked for this. There was absolutely no one else in the place, so he had plenty of time to cobble something together. Everything is made fresh to order, but in our case this even meant heating up the frying oil.

Nothing beats freshly-made food, even freshly-made fried food. I made the mistake of not letting it cool even a second before I snatched a small, fat onion ring off the top of the plated heap that was handed through the window. HOT but oh so tasty. Crispy exterior, perfectly cooked tender interior, no excess oil soaking the batter. I thought they were just nicely seasoned, but DH always needs to add salt so he salted his half of the plate. We sat on the restaurant’s front patio, enjoying the last glimmers of sunset and nibbling away. Then we took a walk up the beach a little ways, then back to the car and home when it started to get spring-night-chilly.

After we finished our snack, DH went back in to tell the owner/chef how much we enjoyed his food. He said that no one had ever asked for a half-and-half before and so it was an experiment for him, and on busy days he probably couldn’t have managed it but it was a quiet night. Upon leaving we promised ourselves that this summer, we’ll hop on the motorcycle and go down to the beach to sample more of the ridiculously enormous menu (in particular, the corn dogs and hot dogs).