Border Cafe
Harvard Square

Quesadilla with marinated chicken
Melted Monterey Jack cheese and salsa, stuffed in The Border’s homemade flour tortillas
Soft tacos
Two fresh flour tortillas stuffed with your choice of pulled beef or chicken and pico de gallo


In need of a little bit of food and something to drink after a rousing Saturday night concert, and with company at hand, I finally got to revisit the Border Cafe and order some food, my last visit having been entirely comprised of sangria. Though it was Saturday and there was a Celtics-Bulls game on, it was not too busy (we did not have to wait for a table) but it was a little loud and the bar service was a little slow. That was okay, we were in no rush whatsoever. Our waitress seemed a little rushed though and I was a bit worried about her; perhaps the restaurant was understaffed or something.

I wanted something filling but not heavy, so the appetizer of quesadilla with marinated chicken sounded just right. The quesadilla came cut in four slices but I took most of it home at the end of the night because it was a filling meal. There was heat, to be sure, but even for me it was a pleasant heat. DH has figured out that there are two kinds of heat: heat that stays at a steady level through the meal, and heat that builds; and I much prefer heat that stays at a steady level, almost no matter how hot it is. The homemade flour tortilla dried out a little upon reheating for next day’s lunch, but that’s okay.

DH originally ordered the popcorn crawfish appetizer, but the restaurant was out of crawfish tails and the waitress had to come back and get a new order from him. He ordered the soft tacos with chicken. He didn’t eat too much, but apparently halfway through the meal he was inexplicably seized by work-related stress and lost his appetite, so most of the second soft taco was brought home with us. The soft tacos were appreciably hotter than the quesadilla, which I attribute to the pico de gallo. The soft tacos had more meat and less cheese than the quesadilla, but otherwise were fairly similar. I don’t think there was enough chicken in the soft taco for DH’s taste, or he was not impressed by how the chicken was cooked, since he commented on the “mushiness” of his meal. I can definitely see where this critique came from, as the liquidy pico de gallo made for soggy tortilla leftovers.

I could definitely return to the Border Cafe for a weekday meal, when the big windows might afford excellent light and it may be less crowded and not as loud. Border Cafe specializes in Tex-Mex and Cajun/Creole, the latter cuisine being one I would like to spend more time exploring through restaurants and recipes.