Cabot’s Ice Cream & Restaurant
Newton, MA

Denver Omelette 
Green bell pepper, ham, and onions — served with breakfast potatoes and toast
Grilled Reuben
Extra lean corned beef with sauerkraut and Swiss cheese piled high on “Cabot’s” own marble rye, served with potato salad and pickles


One word to describe Cabot’s: cosy. We met a Newtonite friend here for lunch on a Saturday, her suggestion — and a good one! Cabot’s exudes old-fashioned, small-town charm even though the Mass Pike is just outside and across the street. Our friend said she loved it for its feeling of community, young and old and people of all types coming together to enjoy good, cheap food.

I hadn’t had a Denver omelette in so long, and I didn’t feel like I wanted anything heavy. The eggs were golden and fluffy, but I was a little disappointed in the construction of the “omelette”: it was an egg pancake on a bed of finely sliced onions, peppers, and ham. There may even have been a little cheese holding it together. It wasn’t the egg envelope embracing diced vegetables and protein I was expecting, and though the food was tasty and even the wheat toast divine, this led to a little disappointment. Oh, and what is a “breakfast potato”? It’s a thickly-sliced, not-crispily-fried potato chip. Hmm…

DH describes the Reuben as “nothing spectacular, but nothing wrong — comfort food.” He would order it again. The pickles were sweet not sour, and the potato salad was “kinda like the Reuben — if you wanted potato salad, it met the needs of a potato salad.”

I think the biggest attraction at the restaurant is the restaurant itself and the atmosphere of history, community, and cosiness. It is a place where simple, filling, no-nonsense comfort foods reign supreme.