Snappy Sushi (formerly Shino Express)
Newbury St., Boston

Miso soup
Cucumber roll
Tuna roll
Tuna Gone Wild
Crispy Eel roll
eel, avocado, cucumber, flying fish roe rolled together, topped with crunchy tempura bits and eel sauce 
Mamemaki roll
tuna, salmon, avocado, cucumber, green leaf,  wrapped in soy sheet sprinkled with sesame seeds,  dressed with edamame-yuzu sauce 

A few stand-bys — cucumber (mine), tuna (DH’s), Tuna Gone Wild (which I have decided I really like) — and a couple new experiments. Here’s what we decided.

The 4-piece mamemaki roll was all DH, as it has a large quantity of raw fish involved, and I just don’t like the texture of raw fish. I did try one piece, an end piece that was light on the fish. If it hadn’t been for the edamame-yuzu sauce, which had the texture of either thinned down unspicy guacamole or a very thick pea soup, I might have thought it was okay. DH recommends it with a dab of wasabi and a dash of soy sauce.

The 4-piece crispy eel roll was an exercise in eating messy food in a ladylike fashion. The crispy eel roll is basically two rolls, parallel, encased in tempura bits, then cut the short way — yielding, essentially, 4 double rolls. They break in half fairly easily, creating 8 completely manageable pieces of sushi. I liked the way the eel sauce on the top of the roll glued together the top layer of tempura bits. I love tempura and tempura bits. The big chunk of cucumber in the roll gave it some good tooth, which helped the roll stand up to the melt-in-your-mouth eel and slippery avocado (me and avocado don’t always like each other). It was the first time I’d had eel, which was once described to me as “somewhat BBQ in flavour,” and I have to positively agree with that assessment. I could definitely give eel another go. The only downside: TEMPURA BITS EVERYWHERE!

Accompanied by three cups each of surprisingly excellent green tea that we suspect came out of an automatic dispenser hidden behind the register at the bottom of the stairs.