Catal/Uva Bar
Downtown Disney
Anaheim, CA

Pear Flatbread
Arugula, Serrano ham, pear and Minus 8 vinegar
Grilled Chicken
Chile-orange marinated with a cucumber salad
Spicy, chilled shrimp and scallops with tortilla chips

So nice, we tried it twice. With only a couple of variations on our original menu.

Don’t believe them when they tell you the escabeche is spicy — it isn’t. In any way. The tortilla chips are unsalted and therefore a perfect blank palette for the marinated shrimp and scallops. DH wasn’t sure about it at first, but then he realised it was something he had ordered, and he warmed to it. If you are in a seafood sort of place, go ahead and try it — but I don’t think it’s for everyone. I had thought I was in the mood for shrimp when we ordered, but I guess it turns out that I wasn’t really in the mood for shrimp. At least, not the escabeche.

Three cheers for the pear flatbread and the grilled chicken. I was particularly pleased with the marinated cucumber salad, which was a perfect accompaniment to the grilled chicken. Cool & crunchy meets warm, moist grilled chicken — a match made in culinary heaven. It filled the empty spaces in our stomachs without weighing us down. The pear flatbread, I think, wins out over the bbq chicken flatbread from our first visit. It wasn’t as difficult to eat, because it didn’t have as many components sliding around on heated sauce. No sauce, just cheese, slices of Serrano ham (If you haven’t had Serrano ham, think of it as cousin to prosciutto di Parma — if you haven’t had prosciutto di Parma, I’m sorry. You’re missing out on something fantastic), and slices of pear, baked, with arugula layered on top after the baking. The cheese wasn’t particularly creamy or melty, so it stood up well to the saltiness and texture of the Serrano ham. The pear wasn’t about to be pushed around, either.

I was just licking up the last of the sent-from-heaven tzatziki when a server let me know that they could have brought me more warm pita with the rest of my dip. I had started stealing tortilla chips from the escabeche by that time, so that I wouldn’t be dragging my fingers uncouthly through the plate. Why couldn’t someone have mentioned that earlier, on our first visit? Now, I know better: Ask for extra pita bread when the tzatziki arrives at the table. Don’t even wait til the pita bread you have is gone.