Blue Bayou
New Orleans Square, Disneyland
Anaheim, CA

Filet Mignon
Port-Royale Mahi Mahi
Flying Dutchman Cookie Boat
Key Lime Pie

Dine by moonlight — inside, of course — at this Louisiana-bayou inspired restaurant. You might think you’d like to sit close to the water’s edge, but you really don’t — the first leg of the Pirates of the Caribbean goes around the perimeter of the restaurant, and can you imagine trying to have a romantic dinner with tourists staring at you? Even sitting far back from the water’s edge, the ambiance is all there…

You know, they call this a fine-dining restaurant, and it is indeed fine, but you’d think the patrons would have slightly better sense than to wear their jeans, sneakers, and Goofy hats to the dinner table. You’d also think that the wait staff would ask their diners to at least remove their hats…

Each entree came with a choice of Cajun-inspired wedge salad or chicken gumbo, so DH and I ordered one of each and switched halfway through. Now, I am not a spicy-foods person, but the gumbo was so delicious — served in little custard dish with a garnish of dirty rice on top — that I was reluctant to trade my dish for the second half of the wedge salad with avocado, real bacon bits, and lemon vinaigrette. My advice is, Even if you are not a spicy-foods person, order the gumbo…

Entree portions are definitely generous. The mahi mahi arrived on a bed of greens that dwarfed the fish itself, bathed in the same lemon vinaigrette as accompanied the salad. The fish was firm. The best I can say for the filet mignon, which I didn’t really get to try, is that DH did not feel the need to put any salt on it — rather high praise, and a trend I would notice with the nicer restaurants we visited on our homeymoon.

We had dessert picked out well before we’d even settled on entrees, because a few tables over we saw another couple carefully dismantling it — the Flying Dutchman Cookie Boat. The “boat” is made out of warm chocolate chip cookie, and the mast and sail are molded sugar (supposedly edible, but not really), with ice cream and whipped cream on top. Even splitting this decadent treat, it was almost too much for either of us, and we felt we rolled, rather than strolled, our way back to the hotel. The key lime pie we ordered packaged to go, A) because we very rarely pass up a key lime pie, and B) we knew that it would make excellent breakfast the next morning, accompanied by complimentary coffee from the hotel lobby. And we were absolutely correct in this assumption — divine, generously sized slice of key lime pie with three cookies that I think were made from buttery pie crust with lime flavouring.

If you are at Disney and looking for a special Disney Dining experience, go ahead and make reservations at Blue Bayou. But make them well in advance, or risk a dinner appointment that isn’t your ideal time — even though we were seated for our 7:50 dinner at about 7:30, since we’d arrived early.

And please, if you can, leave the Goofy hat at the hotel — or at least in the bag.