Catal/Uva Bar & Cafe
Downtown Disney
Anaheim, CA

Yogurt and cucumber mixed with a hint of dill
Baby Back Ribs
half rack with paprika rub and bbq sauce
BBQ Chicken Flatbread
bbq sauce, grilled chicken, red onions, cilantro, mozzarella

If you are in Anaheim, and you do not stop in here for some tapas, you, my friend, are a fool. We really hadn’t eaten at all since a cup of coffee and half a breakfast sandwich at the airport in Boston at 6 this morning, so while we were waiting for our hotel room we really needed a meal.

First, tzatziki. I hadn’t had tzatziki so excellent, so perfect, since I was in Greece eight years ago. No place I’ve been was able to get the balance of flavours and textures so spot-on. And so generously portioned! I wanted to ask for more of the fresh-made, warm, fluffy tortilla bread to get every last morsel of the tzatziki. And at only $4, there is a good chance we’ll be going back there on another day, whenever we need a snack.

The meat on the half rack of ribs fell off the bone. Literally. The sauce wasn’t too spicy, wasn’t too sweet. It was clear that these had been lovingly cooked since early in the day. And there was just the right amount of sauce, too. And I do love me the barbeque sauce, usually.

The chicken flatbread was very similar to the tortilla pizzas I make at home sometimes: tortilla, put down some sauce, put on some easy toppings, bake really fast. The chicken was in quarter-inch cubes, which made it easy to bite and to eat, and there was just enough cheese to hold everything together — even if the cheese’s favourite thing to hold to was itself, and sometimes bbq sauce would drip out the back of the “crust.” That’s okay with me.

Go to Catal and the Uva Bar and Cafe. You will not regret it one bit.