Chipotle Mexican Grill
Braintree, MA

Steak fajita burrito
Vegetarian salad

Apparently we had just missed the Great Lunch Rush, and that apparently explains everything about the experience we had at Chipotle. I wanted a vegetarian salad — not because I am a vegetarian, mind you, just because I wasn’t in the mood for meat at the present time. DH wanted a steak fajita burrito. The order-taking guy at the counter — we’ll call him Guy #1 — was really apologetic about not having either the steak or the sauteed peppers & onions ready for the steak fajita burrito. He was really nice about it, and we were feeling in a good mood, so we said no problem and we’d wait. He did my salad as far as he could and then I was waiting for peppers & onions too. He kept turning over his shoulder to the guys at the grill: “Steak done yet? Peppers & onions done yet?” Maybe they were tired of his nagging and that’s why what happened happened.

Finally, guy with freshly done steak bits — we’ll call him Guy #2 — saunters up to my salad with his steak and goes BAM! right into the middle of the lovely pile of cilantro-lime rice in the middle of my salad.

Um, that was supposed to be a vegetarian salad.

Guy #2, belligerently: “I thought you were waiting for steak.”

“No,” I said, pointing at DH, “he was waiting for steak for his steak fajita burrito.”

Guy #1 tried to intervene before Guy #2 went ballistic on me, and was just barely in time. So Guy #2 sullenly made me a new salad, and I didn’t get all the things I wanted on my salad (namely, the peppers & onions mix and some sour cream) because I just wanted to get my food and get away at this point.

Now, about the food. It was actually pretty tasty. I especially liked the texture of the guacamole and the roasted corn salsa was excellent in texture, taste, and color. And three cheers for cilantro-lime rice. The steak in DH’s steak fajita burrito was tastefully seasoned, but because of the way it was cooked, it was dead cold in the center. It made the texture of the burrito itself a little confusing, because everything was hot except for the steak, which changed the mouth-feel.

All in all, I would be willing to maybe try a different Chipotle restaurant, or send somebody out to bring me Chipotle take-out. But I was not at all impressed with this particular Chipotle on this particular day.